Tips for getting used to wearing new hearing aids

By Starkey Hearing


OK, think back to a year or so ago. Remember when you would go to a matinee and then after, when it ended and you left the theater, the daylight would overwhelm you temporarily? Well the same thing happens when you first start wearing hearing aids.

Your brain has gotten used to the quiet. It hasn’t received proper noise signals since as long as you’ve struggled hearing. So, when you begin wearing hearing aids, it understandably gets a bit overwhelmed hearing things that it hasn’t heard in a long time.

Plus, you’ve probably never worn anything in or on your ear most of the day every day, so there’s also the feeling and routine of physically wearing hearing aids that take some getting used to.

The good news is, your brain and ears and body will adjust over time (just like your eyes did after the movie)! Following these tips will help with the process.


Speak up

Work closely with your hearing care professional during your fitting and be honest about any concerns you have regarding the sound quality or care of your hearing aids. There is a lot to take in that first fitting, so don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on any information you don’t understand or adjustments if the devices aren’t sounding quite right.


Have realistic expectations

Amplification does not mimic eye care solutions — meaning that hearing aids don’t restore your hearing back to “20/20” or perfectly normal function. You may still need to use complementary strategies — such as visual cues and preferred seating in noisy places — in order to have the best understanding of speech in various environments.



Commit to wearing your new hearing aids every day

The more you use the hearing devices during those first few weeks, the more likely you are to adapt to having them be a part of your life. Wearing the devices in a variety of settings will enable you to have the best feedback on their performance when you visit your hearing care professional for a follow-up visit.


Be patient

The adjustment to new hearing aids can take time, and tweaks may be necessary to find the appropriate settings for you, your lifestyle and your hearing. Chances are your hearing loss has come along slowly and some of the sounds you are adjusting to have been muted by your loss over time. It will take some time to interpret these sounds again.

With time and patience, your hearing aids will become just another part of your daily routine, and you’ll soon be thrilled with what and how you’re hearing again!

For additional acclimation tips and strategies, talk to your hearing professional — that’s what they’re there for.


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