The Symphony of Life Starts with Healthy Hearing

by Lindsay Robinson, HIA Program Coordinator

July 27, 2023


Music can be so powerful in our daily lives, and can evoke emotions within just a few seconds of hearing a tune. Perhaps you’ve experienced the haunting bass within a thriller movie to denote a spooky presence approaching, or the melody of a soft piano during a visit to a nice restaurant. Maybe you play an instrument or just enjoy sitting and listening to old records. Music can provoke certain feelings and often it remains in our memory about a specific location or event. Has a song from the past brought you right back to where you heard it first, or a feeling that was going on during that chapter of your life? Do you still sing a song to help you remember grammar techniques or other topics from elementary school?


Music can be a very strong influence for positive memories of the past. It’s probably no surprise that hearing health and music play an important role in our ability to remember people and places and make new memories. When hearing loss is present, the quality of an experience and our memory of it can diminish. Especially when we exhaust ourselves trying to figure out what is being said in a conversation or trying to be present in a group discussion, the brain is focused on staying with one word at a time while missing out on the full experience.


Hearing health and memory are all strongly linked to our cognitive health as we age. Hearing is a vital part of communication, and losing it can increase our cognitive load when trying to understand speech or make sense of the surrounding environment. When you’re too tired to continue engaging at social or group events, you may start to isolate yourself from these stressful listening situations. Social isolation can also play a large role in depression and cognitive decline.


To keep you engaged and doing the things you love, it’s important to address your hearing loss. The best first step is to see a licensed hearing professional to understand your unique loss and treatment options, including hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation, that can help mitigate the potential impacts of hearing loss. Modern hearing aids and assistive technology have made remarkable strides in helping individuals with hearing impairments rediscover music, their favorite hobbies, and the conversation of others.


With advancements in technology and support from friends, family, and a medical professional, the symphony of life can continue.


Start with a quick and easy hearing screening here, or reach out to a local licensed hearing care professional for a consultation and thorough hearing examination.

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