Super Hearing Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

by Bridget Dobyan, HIA Executive Director

February 7, 2024

It’s finally here! Super Bowl LVIII, taking place on February 11, features the San Francisco 49ers against the defending Super Bowl champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Held in Las Vegas this year, it promises to be another great afternoon of football, commercials, and delicious food.


The Super Bowl, like most live entertainment, also promises to be a loud event. Chiefs fans are known for being some of the loudest in the NFL, with Arrowhead Stadium holding the record for highest decibel level recorded. During the playoffs, the Detroit Lions came close, ringing in with a new Ford Field record of 134.4 decibels. All this to illustrate the point that it’s important to check the noise environment around you and take steps to protect your hearing.


Remember, the only completely preventable form of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss.


Protecting your hearing doesn’t just apply to those at the live event, but at home, in a bar or restaurant, or other Super Bowl party location. Bars and restaurants can easily exceed 70 to 80 decibels. Crossing into the 80+ decibel range could cause damage to hearing after just two hours of exposure. If you’re at home, make sure the TV is set to a comfortable volume and take breaks if conversation or ambient noise becomes too much, especially if you are having to shout to hear one another.


If you wear hearing aids or are hosting family or friends who wear hearing aids, here are some helpful tips for enjoying the big game.


Tips for all:

  1. Turn on closed captioning. Not only beneficial for guests who may have hearing loss, but can also keep everyone in the commentary loop over the cheering or conversation in the room.
  2. Connect the TV to an audio headset or to headphones wirelessly. The TV audio is sent directly to one user while others in the room can listen at normal volume levels.
  3. Protect your hearing. If it seems too loud, it probably is. Take listening breaks or use hearing protection so you can enjoy the big game in the years to come.


Tips for enjoying with hearing aids:

  1. Use an accessory to pair your hearing aids to the TV. Once your hearing aids are paired, audio can be sent directly to them.
  2. Adjust your volume. Many hearing aids have volume control on the hearing aid itself or through an app on your phone. Your app may also have a specific program for listening to the TV or to help filter out background sounds in your environment.
  3. Charge up or bring a spare battery. Make sure you don’t lose power before the halftime show by charging up your devices before tuning in, or make sure to pack your recharging case or extra batteries.


Enjoy the game!

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