Staying Engaged at Thanksgiving

by Lindsay Robinson, HIA Program Coordinator

November 24, 2021


<a  data-cke-saved-href='' href=''>Family photo created by freepik -</a>As families and friends gather for Thanksgiving this year, be mindful that some may not have the ability to hear well and be fully engaged in holiday activities. If you are noticing that you or someone you love may not be hearing as well this year, here are some suggestions for staying present and engaged in your holiday events this year:


  1. Notify the host that you experience trouble hearing so that your needs can be accommodated, such as being seated in the middle of the table or socializing in rooms with less echo.
  2. If you’re the host, keep background music to a minimum and ensure any other louder event (TV or games) are set away from the socializing area.
  3. Take a break if you start to feel tired or overwhelmed. Take a walk outside or find a quieter spot to rest.
  4. Remember that family and friends will most likely want to be helpful. Ask them to face you if they are speaking and to speak naturally, clearly and distinctly.


If you have ignored your hearing loss and you’ve been concerned about your ability to hear others in a crowded space, it’s time for action. Contact a local hearing care professional to share your hearing concerns, ask questions, get a hearing test, and learn how hearing aid technology could be the solution to keeping you connected to your loved ones.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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