Simple, easy and free hearing checks from home

by Lindsay Robinson, HIA Program Coordinator


For most people, going to a medical appointment is not an enjoyable event. Spending time out of our day to be poked and prodded is necessary for our health and longevity but can make for an uncomfortable outing. We endure these appointments because we know that a little discomfort during these medical visits will allow us to get well, continue to stay as vital as possible, and allow us to more comfortably enjoy the companionship of friends and family and participate in activities that fulfill us. Sometimes though, it’s easy to cast off a health concern if we feel like it doesn’t fully take our focus away from the routine. However, ignoring a health concern to avoid an annoying trip to the doctor may cause it to increase in severity and have a lasting negative impact on our daily activities and hobbies.


Take your hearing health for example. How many times have you thought about your hearing in the past year? Have you prioritized your hearing health like you have that of your annual physical, dental or vision examination? Not prioritizing hearing as an important health factor may be detrimental, as most hearing loss happens gradually and is not noticed until it affects our relationships or desire to participate in activities like we once did.


Did you know?

  • Hearing loss has been linked to dementia
  • Hearing loss can affect our balance
  • Hearing loss increases our risks of social isolation and depression


And more! Fortunately, technology today allows us more access than ever to find pathways to good health habits and address any health concerns from the comfort of our homes. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (NIDCD) created a 10 question quiz that helps you determine if you may need to see a hearing professional. Hearing aid manufacturers have also created different types of free questionnaires  that will help you know when its time to take steps toward hearing loss treatment. You can find these online checks here.


Like for any other health concern, it’s important to visit a licensed medical professional immediately if you have an urgent concern or if you are ready for treatment. However, the online hearing checks may help you or your loved one  know if you show the early signs of hearing loss and prompt you to make that first step into healthier hearing…and living!

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