Enjoying Healthy Hearing This Thanksgiving and Beyond

by Lindsay Robinson, HIA Program Coordinator

November 23, 2022


Have conversations with certain people or phone calls become difficult? Are friends and family telling you that your TV, radio, or phone volume is too loud? Are you anxious about holiday gatherings because you have trouble hearing conversation in noise?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you may have hearing loss. At this time of year where connecting is so important, it’s a great time to act on hearing loss by getting a hearing test and finding appropriate treatment.


The best first step to understanding your unique hearing health is by consulting with a licensed hearing professional. A hearing professional, such as an audiologist or hearing aid specialist, can answer questions about hearing health, understand the environments where you are having the most trouble hearing, complete a hearing test, and recommend technology that would be appropriate for your hearing and lifestyle needs.


You can find nearby professionals here.


With expanding avenues of treatment, there are many options to help preserve your cherished relationships. Hearing aids today are discreet and can come equipped with some pretty amazing features such as noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, artificial intelligence, rechargeable batteries, and step counters, to name a few. A hearing professional can help guide you through hearing aid features and what options for connectivity may be most important to you.


Although it takes an average of 30 days to retrain your brain to the sounds you have “forgotten” while living with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids will automatically create a safer and easier environment for you to converse with loved ones. It’s time to act so that you can continue making memories for holidays to come.


We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!

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