Donate Old Hearing Aids and Give the Gift of Hearing

by Thomas A. Powers, PhD


As we begin a new year, we often think of ways we can better ourselves. Whether it be from becoming healthier, getting our finances in order, or starting a new hobby, this is a time when we create resolutions. As 2020 was a difficult year, many people may be looking for ways to also better their community. One of the ways to help is by donating your used hearing aids! Hearing impairment and deafness not only cause social isolation and depression, but can result in learning difficulties in children and decreased employment opportunities for adults. The challenge of communication during the pandemic has increased due to social distancing and wearing masks. Hearing aids and the related services have become limited to many due to COVID-19 restrictions and financial hardship. 

Many service organizations have programs that accept donations of hearing aids and work with local hearing care professionals to provide them to those in need.  Some of the organizations include The Lion’s Club, Sertoma, Hearing Charities of America, your local university, or speech and hearing clinics.  The donated hearing aids are repaired, including a complete cleaning, and any defective parts are replaced.  The hearing aids are then re-programmed for the hearing loss of the recipient by the local hearing professional. 

If you have hearing aids that you are no longer wearing, please consider donating them and give the gift of hearing.  Hearing is essential and your donation can change a life.

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