Dispelling Hearing Care Myths

by Thomas A. Powers, PhD

March 13, 2024


Hearing is an important sense for all of us as it is responsible for half of our method of communication.  We need to listen as well as speak to have a conversation.  It also allows us to enjoy the wide world of sounds around us.


However, there are myths and misconceptions surrounding taking care of our ears and our hearing, so let’s de-bunk a few of them here.


Myth: You need to clean the ear wax from your earsFALSE!    

Some people feel they need to clean the earwax that they may think is filling their ear canal.  The truth is that most earwax is naturally pushed out of the ear canal.  However, if you do believe you are not hearing well and wax may be the issue, you should see a licensed hearing professional. There are also drops designed to help the wax move out of your ear canal that may provide a benefit. 


Myth: Ear pain can be treated with a home remedy. FALSE!

Pain in your ear or ear canal is a signal that something is not right.  You should seek medical attention, starting with your primary care or ear, nose, and throat physician.  Using home remedies or over-the-counter medicines could cause delay in treatment and lead to more serious issues.


Myth: Q-tips can be used to clear your ears. FALSE!   

Q-tips are not designed to be used deeply in the ear canal.  If pushed too deeply into the ear canal they can cause damage to your eardrum or ear canal.


Myth: Having a discharge from your ear is just inconvenient. FALSE! 

Any discharge from your ear indicates that you may have an infection or damage to a part of your auditory system.  You should seek medical attention, especially if there is blood in the discharge.


Our hearing system is complicated but beautiful and taking care of it is important. If you think you may be experiencing any of the conditions above, or notice a change in your hearing, you should seek the advice of a licensed hearing professional. Find a professional here. 

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