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Oticon Opn S™ helps you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments

Unlike traditional hearing aid technology that copes with noise by restricting sounds and focusing on a single source of sound at a time, Opn S hearing aids give your brain access to all the relevant sounds around you. That puts you – not your hearing aid – in charge of which sounds you want to focus on.  The groundbreaking technology in Opn S 1 lets you experience speech understanding in difficult listening situations at the level of people with normal hearing, with less strain and recall more of what people say.* Opn S connects directly to iPhone® and uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy to stream stereo-quality audio to both ears from your TV, music player, computer and more. The Opn S rechargeable solution features lithium-ion batteries and an easy-to-use charger that provides a full day’s power** in just three hours.

* Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper
**Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behavior

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Oticon Ruby -- all the essentials you need to improve your hearing and your life 

Oticon Ruby provides the essentials you need to improve your hearing and your life – in one complete solution that meets both your hearing needs and your budget.  With Ruby, you’ll enjoy great sound quality and ‘must have’ features like wireless connections to smartphones, rechargeable batteries and improved hearing in challenging environments like restaurants and social gatherings. Like all Oticon hearing aids, Ruby features exclusive BrainHearing™ technology that supports the way the brain makes sense of sound, so your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to understand what is being said.


Oticon Xceed - the world’s most powerful hearing aid

Oticon Xceed hearing aids give people with severe-to-profound hearing loss more access to speech throughout the day from all directions, providing outstanding clear sound and significantly reducing annoying whistling. Xceed connects wirelessly to any modern smartphone and streams stereo-quality sound to both ears from TVs, computers, music players and more. 



Oticon CROS - hear speech and sound from all directions, even when streaming audio

Oticon CROS is a non-surgical hearing solution that gives people with single-sided deafness access to speech and sounds all around, opening up a more natural, comfortable listening experience. Oticon CROS, the world’s first CROS solution that enables users to enjoy conversations on the poorer ear side while watching TV or listening to music.

OticonRemote Care – after-care for your hearing aids from the convenience of your home

Oticon RemoteCare is a new telehealth solution that allows your hearing care provider to provide convenient fittings and adjustments of your Oticon wireless hearing aids remotely.  Connect online with your provider from the comfort of your home using a compatible iPhone®, iPad® or Android® phone. 

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