Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay joined the HIA team on June 1, 2018 after gaining a Master of Arts degree in Aging and Public Policy from King’s College London. During her final term at King’s, Lindsay completed her dissertation titled, “How Does Hearing Aid Accessibility Affect Social Isolation In Old Age: Some Comparisons Between Washington D.C. and London”.

Lindsay’s interest in hearing health is inspired by three years of experience in a geriatric care environment as a Life Enrichment Manager at the Sunrise Senior Living facility in Mount Vernon, Virginia. She primarily focused on senior engagement in group and one-on-one activities between the retirement facility and dementia neighborhoods. She noticed that seniors who faced hearing loss and lacked the resources for assistive technology were often withdrawn, isolated, and disengaged from the activities that benefitted other residents. This often led to poorer daily moods and more rapid physical and cognitive decline.

Lindsay is grateful to be in a position where she can be of service to industry leaders and consumers. Though the industry is faced with many changes, Lindsay sees this as a great opportunity for HIA to strengthen its mission of being the “trusted voice in hearing health” and promoting products and services that will safely and effectively benefit those with hearing loss.

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